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Installing a gas hob or a boiler - designing a gas system requires consideration of many things.  We design and install quality piping and equipment to reduce fluctuation and maintain appliance performance.

We install most appliances. If your appliance is on the energy safety database or has a supplier declaration, we can look into installing it for you. Once installed we will test your whole installation for soundness, test the operation sequence make final adjustments to make sure your appliance is running to its full efficiency and send out a certificate of compliance.

Why not upgrade your old inefficient appliances with more efficient appliances or options? Talk to us about options from cooking, space heating or water heating. We have many options available for you.

We can help with the supply, pricing and organising most equipment for you from Gas Hobs, Cookers, Water heaters, Central heating warm water, Flame effect fires, Convector heaters, Radiant heaters.


Just like your car your gas appliance requires regular servicing to run more efficiently. Gas appliances should be serviced yearly.